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Membership Rules and Conditions

For using this website as a member you agree and accept to follow these rules and conditions. Failure on following any of these rules may result on suspension or termination of your membership and/or of any services provided to you from

1. Free of Charge.

Becoming a member is free of charge. You will never be requested for any payments to open, to maintain or to finish your membership.

2. No Copyright Infringement.

When logged-in as a member you can read lyrics, listen to and eventually download music, and you are aware you cannot make any use of such material other than for your own enjoyment, which means you cannot, including but not limited to, make any commercial use from that, sell, replicate, distribute, rent, change it in any way, and you cannot give other people access to that material. When a member of the website uploads his songs, he (she) trusts exclusively other members like you to have access to that, and you are responsible for keeping it that way. If you are an artist or a music business representative, such as a publisher, a record company A&R, or anyone that would like to make legal profit from any song displayed on this website you are required to contact the songwriter and proceed accordingly.

3. Membership Representation and Authority.

You represent and warrant that all of the information provided by you to us is correct and updated, and also that you have all necessary right, authority and power to enter into this agreement. If you are establishing a membership on behalf of a minor you represent and warrant that you have the legal right to do so, to execute this agreement, and you guarantee that minor’s performance according to the terms of this agreement. These warranties shall survive any termination of this agreement.

You agree to indemnify and hold, its partners, employees, and its other website members and users harmless and away from any and all damages, costs and acts, including but not limiting to, attorney’s fees, that may arise from or related to your breach of this agreement, representation, or warranties described herein.

4. No Membership Sharing.

You cannot share your membership with other people. Although you can represent a group of people or a company as a member, you are responsible for all actions made under your username. Keep your password private.

5. Purpuse Restrictions.

Don’t try to use this website for any purposes other than uploading songs you wrote, listening to music for enjoyment or, if you are an artist or a music business representative, to evaluate songs. All other uses such as, but not limited to, contact members for the purpose of advertising any profitable or non profitable service or product, sending unsolicited electronic mailings, chain letters, "pyramid schemes", making any kind of announcements or to deliver any kind of information not directly regarded to your interest about the songwriter’s music are prohibited and may cause termination of membership and a report to the proper authorities.

6. Not Error Free. has no way and does not warrants that the services, both for members with or without songs uploaded to our website will be error free or uninterrupted, and also that our website content is always free of viruses or of any kind of contamination or destructive features. You agree to assume any and all risk for using this website and its services, including but not limiting to its quality, performance, accuracy and completeness.

All songs displayed on this website are submitted by their self-declared writers, and does not previously listen or evaluates the content of those songs, so we do not guarantee any aspect of the integrity or quality of such material. If you feel offended in your moral or in any of your or someone else’s rights, please report it to

7. Advertisement. is reserved the right to display on its webpage advertisement or information from external sources not directly bonded to When clicking or following any links or instructions from those advertisements, you understand has no responsibility from any consequences that may arise between you and that third party.

8. Change on Rules and Conditions. is reserved the right to change these Membership Rules and Conditions whenever necessary for maintaining and improving our services. We will always send you an e-mail message informing about such changes, so you are kept updated and can opt on continuing or discontinuing your membership.

9. Termination.

You can close your membership at any time by sending an e-mail to: Please, if possible, make sure to send that message from the same e-mail account you use to login to our website and wishes to be discontinued. Further information will be sent to you for completing the membership termination. You will not need to provide us with the reasons for your membership termination. In the same way, with or without informing any reasons, may terminate your membership at any time, without previous notice. Please notice that the termination of your membership itself, does not affect in any way the copyright protection you received for any of the songs you may have successfully submitted to our website.

10. Choice of Law; Jurisdiction.

The services of are primarily managed on the city of Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and these Membership Rules and Conditions will be governed by Brazilian laws. Any conflict of law provisions and jurisdiction to your actual state or country of residence will not take effect. Any claims, litigation or legal proceeding arising with connection to your membership and/or our services will be brought solely to Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and you consent to the jurisdiction of such courts.


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