SmoothGrey Ab
SmoothGrey Ab," It's About Time".


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New Providence - Bahamas

"SmoothGrey Ab" From Freeport Grand Bahama, The Bahamas, uses CopyrightedSongs.com for protection of his songs..

"SmoothGrey Ab",(BMI #550594466)  A Professional Set Drummer and percussionist, takes a step forward towards the microphone to sing the songs he has written arranged and co-produced with the help of  his longtime musician friend David "King David" Hoyte. Therefore Being the son of and taught by Professional muscian and Steel Pan player Wilfred Aggrey Burnett a.k.a "Facinating Fred Burnett" , made it easy to transition into the entertainment field."SmoothGrey Ab" has been apart of many local Bands including the very first music group known as "The Explosive Stars" out of Freeport Grand Bahama,

"SmoothGrey Ab" being an avid song writer, could not keep the fire covered in his musical soul. Therefore he began writing as far back as the early 1990's, tweeking, & even throwing away a number of songs he felt didn't make the cut.  After finally getting serious with his music he collaborated with David "King David" Hotye an all around super talanted musician, who also owns & operates Hmmbalpy Music, Inventions Recording Studio in Nassau, Bahamas, and the results speaks for themselves. So far "SmoothGrey Ab" has completed 19 Songs, within various catagories, like Rake n' scrape, Junkanoo,  R & B, Pop and Country music. He says he does not want to be a one style Recording artist..

At the time of this writing "SmoothGrey Ab" had released & entered his first recorded song for the Bahamas Carnival song competition in 2015  entitled "Carnival Time ". After learning from the mistakes made on that first recording he went back into the music Lab, re-invented himself And now he's back Bigger, Better  & Smoother to  released two introductory songs                   "Our Country Back" (an election victory song) & "Hurricane Matthew" ( singing about this storms devastation in 2016),Both have a sweet uptempo beat that will keep your head bopping, toes tapping & fingers snapping.Both Songs will be on the upcoming  Album entitled "It's About Time". Expect to see & hear more songs from the Album appear on this website like, "Living in the 242", "Drunkin' Man", "Home Again"  & "Diamond Girl"  to name a few as he releases them beginning in 2018 with the help & grace of GOD..We hope you embrace this fresh, New, clean & Lovable Recording Artist known as "SmoothGrey Ab". from the beautiful Bahamas,The Islands of Sun,Sand,Sea & Sweet Music.....Enjoy!!