How it works

Your song is already copyrighted to you in the very moment it was created

“No publication or registration or other action in the Copyright Office is required to secure copyright.” Circular 1, US Copyright Office, Library of Congress. The public Circular 1 from the US Copyright Office makes clear what the registration of a song with the US Copyright Office does and does not. We strongly recommend you to read this document, as it has been proven to be an excellent tool for ceasing several misconceptions that were taken for granted through the past years. US laws are in accordance with the Berne Convention, which sets that rights over an intellectual work exist from the very moment of their creation, not depending of any formality, such as the register or issue of any document by a government office.

The Berne Convention is the keystone to the copyright laws for United States and other 163 countries, which standardized the basics for protection over intellectual work such as music. All the countries party to the Berne Convention may have created additional laws and acts towards extra protection, but never reducing or suspending what has already been set by the Convention.

What you need is proof of copyright.

Even with that in mind, songwriters often feel insecure about submitting their material (and large companies to accept unsolicited submissions) because they know sometimes down the road some song shark may try to steal their songs. When that happens, a legal dispute would eventually take them to court and who brings an oldest-dated and undeniable declaration of copyright for that song stands with total advantage over his opponent.

Many countries around the world have created their own laws and special offices to deal with copyright of intellectual creation. These offices, like the US Copyright Office for example, are able to witness the declaration of songwriters who affirm they have created original music. Remark that they don’t create any right for the songwriter, neither an ultimate proof of copyright. What they provide is an undeniable dated proof that a songwriter affirms to be the author of that song.

Understanding that, songwriters who want to avoid the forms and fees (and waiting up to 22 months to receive a government issued copyright certificate), have been recurred to alternative methods of obtaining proof of copyright. The amazing inventive power of songwriters brought them to find other potential witnesses to their copyrights such as friends, fans, and even the Post Office or their CD burner. Unfortunately, those methods are ineffective, because they can be easily faked and friends or fans don’t look too reliable in court.

Get your Copyrighted Songs Certificate©!

The concept of is to provide a tool for songwriters to obtain a legally binding electronic document, stating their creation of original musical work. The Copyrighted Songs Certificate© is a PDF file, containing elements that are able to uniquely identify the MP3 type file that the songwriter submitted as being a representation of his musical creation, and the declaration of copyright over such material, along with all other features of the Certificate, are secured and time-stamped, preventing any modifications or fraud, through a digital signature provided by world leaders Certification Authorities such as GlobalSign®.