How to Copyright - Step by Step Guide
Step 1

Create your account by clicking Become a Member (Free). The membership to our website is always free. Complete the form with your personal information and make sure it is correct. This is very important because it will be automatically used to describe the "Songwriter" on the Copyright Certificate for every song submitted through your account. You can always double check and update it later at the "My Account" button you will have access to.

Step 2

Confirm it by reading our Membership Rules, click "I agree to this Membership Rules" on the bottom of the page and finally "Become a Member - Free", making sure your inbox accepts messages from the domain “”. In no more than one minute, our system will automatically send a confirmation message to your e-mail. This confirmation message has a link (and a web address if the link can't be used for some reason), and a password you will be able to change later. Use the confirmation link at the first time and your password at the next ones. If you cannot find that confirmation message from us, even after looking at your SPAM folders, you can try this link: "Forgot your password? Recover it now." - Alternatively, please inform us about that through Contact us so we can provide further assistance.

Step 3

When you are logged into our website, you can buy credits. Each credit allows you to submit one song for copyright protection. You can do it by clicking "Buy Credits" and following the instructions. The price for each credit is currently $5.86 USD.

Step 4

When buying credits for the first time, our system may advise you to please complete your Personal Information. Such information can be left uninformed at your account, but it is highly recommended that you take this advice and go through complete it carefully. That is because your Copyrighted Songs Certificate© will look much better if it is complete with all your information.

Step 5

Submit your song by clicking "Copyright a Song" or "Submit a Song" on the upper right menu. The "Copyright a Song" form will be displayed. Provide the correct information and note you will have the opportunity to choose if you will or will not submit an audio file. We recommend you do send an audio file, so not only lyrics, but melody and even arrangements will be protected. Keep in mind it is not necessary a professional sounding audio recording. As long as lyrics and melody of the main vocals can be understood, you will be fine. You may be able to even record it live, at the next step when you are asked to select or drag and drop you audio file. Make sure your audio file has no more than 20 MB.

Step 6

Please select your audio file with your song. Of course, we recommend you to have your audio file ready before you reach this step, and also make sure it is 20 MB of size, or less. That said, depending on the type of device you are using, like an advanced smartphone for example, it is possible to start an audio or video recording so you can sing it live right at this moment, before submitting it to our website. Keep in mind our system will try to accept almost any type of file, audio or video, as it will ultimately convert it to MP3 before issuing your Copyrighted Songs Certificate©.

Step 7

When the upload finishes, you still need to confirm you selected and we converted your file correctly. Play it and double check the audio file is perfect, with no missing parts or any problems. You will have two options here: "Change File" if you noticed something is wrong or you are not sure. Also the option "Confirm Submission" you should use if it is correct. After you confirm, we will proceed to the issuing of your Copyrighted Song Certificate©.

Step 8

At no more than a few moments, you will receive a confirmation e-mail regarding your submission. You will receive your Copyrighted Song Certificate© in your e-mail in up to two business days. It is a legally binding, certified and timestamped PDF document. When you receive it, make sure you store it along with the audio file we converted and provided you in our website. Keep safe backups on more then one device if you can. In the event your rights as a songwriter become threatened or violated, and you need the law to be enforced on your behalf, you may present it to the proper authorities, copied on a CD for example. For your convenience, you can also download your Copyrighted Songs Certificate© and your audio file directly on your "Songwriter's Area" of